Website design & development


As a creative director I design and project manage all website, UI and App projects.

I’m a front-end designer. So I can design your website to fit your existing corporate identity or if I’m also designing or re-branding your corporate identity, I’ll design your website from the start on a basic and strategic level with the corporate identity in mind.

I will also project manage web and app design projects which may include my network of freelance developers, coders, photographers and copywriters, any of whom I can utilise on a per project basis – should they be required.

So very many websites these days are all based on some or other temple – and consequently as on the whole, it’s simply a case of altering the data and copy, adding some, probably, stock bought images and boom – your website looks like 90% of the other websites in the world. I’m not saying that the building blocks which I use don’t necessarily have some form of template elements, and most of the websites I design and create will be WordPress based as it’s an incredibly powerful platform on which to build at site with and it offers a huge variety of options for animation and effects.

However, I still like to design first to both a client’s brief, and then entrust my (or other’s) coders to realize my designs. Effectively, this means you CAN have a bespoke looking and fully functional and responsive site, but not one which is slavishly and patently simply a “template”.

Website design & development.

Based in Jersey, Channel Islands, Duncan wanted to both consolidate his entire music back catalogue as well as to create a new platform for promotion of his music for the film industry, as well as new releases that he’s got planned – both as collaborations, re-mixes and new solo work.

The website I’ve designed is Uber functional and I’ve taken a “Brutalist” approach to the design to almost, as it were, under-design it. There’s alot of information on this site so simplicity of design was vital.

Website design, art direction and image creation

Working freelance as head of design for The Refinery for many years, one of my favourite projects was for Smythe House, a London based financial services company.

Integral to my design included bespoke photography. So I briefed and art directed one of my go-to London-based photographers to deliver precisely my creative vision.

Designed in 2012 I hope this design still stands the test of time.

D&C Consultants and D&C Advisory.
Front End website design, creative direction & photoshoot art direction. Working hand in hand with my developer from the start to ensure my designs would be realized, code the micro-interactions & site build of two variants of the same site for each of the sub-companies

The key to the whole of my design included: 1) lots of space with minimal copy. 2) the development of a series of “micro-interactions” both in terms of how the panels/images/text and buttons all worked with mini animations on all of these elements.

I hope you will see the result delivers the simplicity of my design and the user experience we developed to provide a truly “bespoke” site which is completely different from their competition.

Branding, UI and App design.

CabCalc is an accounts management App – available in IoS and Android.

Inspired and created by a taxi driver who wanted to make his life simpler.

Logo design, User Interface (UI) and icon design as well as screen design CabCalc is a simple principle that could be applied to almost any cash-based small business model (with design modifications).