Packaging design &
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Your brand is one of any company’s most valuable assets.

It’s vital to any organisation not just as the “face” of your company, which customers can and will identify with, but equally importantly it will provide a core beacon of identity internally to your staff and suppliers.

Get it right and you’ll know simply by sales. Get it wrong and the same applies.

A brand may be represented by a logo or image but “a brand” is also defined as to how your whole organisation presents itself to customers.

Your perception of a brand, and whether you then trust it – or not – will be influenced by the customer experience. If it’s a positive experience – they’ll trust your brand. Something that, for instance, Virgin, has achieved spectacularly well.

All companies need to consider their brand positioning on a regular basis. Think Coke or Budweiser. They don’t change their brand but they do constantly tweak their brand to progress them and keep them relevant in a fast changing world.

I provide a full “Brand Guardianship” service.

What does that mean?

It means that I can both create the whole corporate identity of a brand (which includes logo design, typographic systems and specifications, Colour management and application cross-platform, specifications for corporate literature and advertising systems as well as image and illustration specifications).

The key reason for the “Brand Guardianship” service is to ensure that your visual identity is completely consistent and this is absolutely vital in the creation of strong and long lasting brand identities.

Not only can I create these systems for you – which means they can be applied by any third party so long as they follow the guidelines I’d set out – but I can also very successfully “re-brand” i.e. take an existing company’s identity and re-fresh or update it to make it appropriate to the revised corporate direction or new/alternative markets that the company may want to position itself towards.

I design logos to last and corporate identities that are fully thought though and deliverable on all platforms and media – print and online; to correctly position your company, service or product precisely to both your current, and future target markets.

I call it Futureproofing your brand.

Below are a series of case studies of various brands that I’ve created, but represents only a selection of brands and logos I’ve created.

To see more please goto the logos page on the website for a more comprehensive portfolio.

brand creation & packaging design

Awfully Posh is a range of snacks, created by Tom Lock of AP brands. Awfully Posh was his first brand which I designed in about 2006. We started the brand with “posh” Pork Scratchings. But over the years we’ve further added & developed with a range of Biltong, Crisps, Olives and have two new product areas in development.

Available in Waitrose and other food suppliers as well Pubs and online via Amazon.

I’d like to think this is a good example of what my design is about: strong visual direction which stands the test of time. Distinctive in the marketplace as well as having the longevity. 15 years on the shelves and still going strong.

FOX & IVY (for Tesco).
packaging design & product development

Following the successful design and delivery of a number of seasonal trend ranges to TESCO over the past 6 years, we were then asked a couple of years ago to develop new designs and ranges for FOX & IVY – Tesco’s premium range.

Fox & Ivy, being their premium range has both it’s own identity as well as higher price points and therefore a far higher quality of both product as well as packaging and presentation.

Together with Brand Commander, for ZSS in China, we’ve now delivered about three ranges to TESCO.

Logo design & Packaging design, brand & range creation

For the past six years or so myself and design partner Ian Middleton have been designing and creating ranges of homeware products – specifically candles and diffusers – for Zhongnam SouthStar [ZSS] – one of the leading Chinese (and global) manufacturers in this field – for the UK, EU and US markets, Specifically for TESCO and ASDA.

13% of ZSS’s (US$ 30m) sales are to the “local” i.e. Chinese and Far Eastern markets and they wanted to create their “Own Brand”: Art of Scent.

We have successfully delivered both the brand as well as designs for 9 complete ranges in the past 2 years.

Logo design. Brand creation & Packaging design.

What started out as a “from the Kitchen” idea, is now sold in 360+ retail outlets across, Canada, the USA and the Middle East.

Dan got married and moved to Canada and so having started the brand, I then needed to source and set up specialist packaging printers in Canada for him.

What Dan did tell me, was that right from the start, the strength and distinctiveness of the design meant that the product “sold itself” in-store. From small seeds… etc

Packaging design.

Working for the UK distributors of this established Italian vineyard, the brief was to re-position the existing labelling to the new UK target market.

As the wines were of high quality and an above average price point, the target market was identified as independent wine retailers but far more importantly, private members clubs, hotels and up market restaurants, and the new label designs and packaging needed to reflect that level of sophistication.

Brand creation & Packaging design.

Brand creation and packaging design for a range of 100% fruit – bars.

Aimed at the school lunchbox and healthy snack market, this project was all ready to go when the monsoon unfortunately destroyed the manufacturing based in India.

Designed in 2010, I believe they are available in India but haven’t been informed as to where exactly so do let me know if anyone comes across them.

JOSEPH KLEIN. Investment bank.
Logo design. Brand creation & corporate identity.

Joseph Klein was a Brazilian based investment bank.

Having created a complete logo solution, corporate identity and brand creation, sadly, the crash of 2008 basically ended this project.

I’ve designed identities and logos for many lawyers, accountants and this was a bank. Please look at the website and branding I have also done for Smythe House which was on a similar perspective of corporate branding for financial institutions.