A selection of logos I’ve designed over the past 15 or so years – there’s many more!

…and I’d hope you’d not know which are the most recent and which are the oldest.

Simplicity of design, is my holy grail, and simplicity takes far longer and more thought than just sticking the first idea up and hoping it will work for many years.

The logo design process

I try to design logos, branding and corporate identities to last.

The process will (should if it’s done properly) always take both a bit of time (ideally roughly a month or so) to “get it right”.

Why? For a number of reasons:
1) Every client will have their own views on what they want – so there will always be a “process” and stages which is normally:
a) initial design concepts – 2-3. b) client review and comments. c) refinement and further design crafting. d) contextualising for different media delivery and once signed off e) creation of a logo in all formats for print and online – almost always with usage guidelines and rules to be followed by 3rd parties. Each of the above stages should probably take 2-3 days minimum and more likely – particularly at the start – at least a week. So long as you want to “get it right”.

2) I will almost always either create some bespoke typography, and or design system that will be unique, and that takes time.

3) The logo will need to fit with either an existing identity or be appropriate to the vision of what it is trying to achieve (particularly with re-branding) therefore research and options to get the correct positioning takes time as well.

I’d like to think that by investing in that initial time is vital to delivering logos that will stand the test of time.

Logo design – a selection.
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